Krakow Castle, Pilgrim Servants as Well!


Our pilgrims have gone on quite the journey, and the pictures and stories they have to share with us, I’m sure, will be awesome when they come back.

They went to Krakow Castle and Wayne State Newman made its mark(photo credit Brendton Cordeiro).  Later they went back to the St. Maximillian Kolbe center where our seminarians (Brenton Cordeiro, Juan Pablo Orozco, Joshua Grandmaison, Miguel Perez , and more – facebook us if we missed you! ) and priests Fr. Jim Lowe,  and Fr. Ruben Campbell from the Companions of the Cross served for mass!


Hanna Struppa shared this beautiful mosaic – and what a great picture! 13700108_10210036318048230_2331412407409382954_n

They will be there in Poland for another 8 or 9 days, and we are looking forward to the great pictures and stories that they will have to share there from their journey through Poland!

Keep our Pilgrims in your Prayers!

God Bless and stay tuned!


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