What happened over the Weekend?


On Saturday, Our pilgrims made it to the Auschwitz concentration camp.
They prayed for mercy upon the souls of those who died here and for the conversion of ISIS and all those responsible for genocide in the world today lead by Fr. Jim Lowe!

Sunday their journey continued and they encountered some rain on their way up to Sleeping Man Mountain – thank God they went prepared with some ponchos! It didn’t last long though.(Photos include Alexa Marouf, Brenton Cordeiro, Joseph Adamkiewicz,  Michal Matysek, Hannah Struppa, and Noemi Lopez.)

Later they made friends with pilgrims for Portugal!

Today, they will be moving on to other places, but in the meantime,
please continue to pray for our Pilgrim’s safe passage!

Also stay tuned for pictures from the July 16th Slow Roll through Detroit that students went on with Fr. John Fletcher and Diana Ori and Phoebe Atwood’s experience with St. Anne’s Young Adult Pilgrimage through Detroit!

God bless you all!


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