WYD Opening Mass – An Ocean of Flags!

The Pilgrims made it to the Opening Mass! Greeted by an ocean of flags from around the world; truly a universal church! The Wayne State University, United States,  Saskatchewan Roughriders football team flag, and the Texas A&M University flags flew high!


Fr. Ruben Campbell, and seminarians Juan Pablo Orozco, Andre (from Brazil) and Brenton Cordeiro, Fr. Ben Croix, and Fr. Jim Lowe all took some great pictures, and more were shared by others from the USA as the spirit and flags flew high! So what if there’s a threat of rain, we have ponchos! Juan Loera and Joyce Loera couldn’t agree more that so far it has been a great experience!

More pictures and stories to come! Hopefully some testimony from our Pilgrims!

#WYD2015Krakow #WayneState #wsu_catholc #TAMU #CompanionsofTheCross #Catholic #universalchurch #USAPride #Detroit 


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