Pilgrims Praise and Worship, Family Reunions, Birthday Wishes!

What a day! Lots of great things going on!
Our pilgrims made their way to Tauron Arena Krakow for praise and worship!
(Pictures courtesy of Alexa MaroufJuan Loera and Joyce Loera)

Our Pilgrims took part in Praise and Worship with thousands of others from all over the world. Many took video and shared them on Facebook! Check out the videos on Alexa Marouf and Juan Loera’s Facebook pages!

After the praise and worship, our pilgrims headed out, but there was one little pilgrim that got to enjoy their own praise and worship session as recorded by Alexa Marouf !

Juan Pablo Orozco and his sister were also reunited! His sister is currently living in the UK and Juan Pablo in the US, but both were assigned to the same city for World Youth Day! If that isn’t divine intervention, we don’t know what is!   (Photo courtesy of Brenton Cordeiro)


They also made some new friends along the way!

Today, our pilgrims celebrate Daniel Sute and Jasmine Hernandez birthdays and will hopefully get personal blessings from Pope Francis today!

Our Pilgrims will hopefully get the chance to meet Pope Francis today, but please continue to keep them in your prayers today and every day!

God Bless!


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