Pilgrims by Candlelight – Then to Budapest

Our Pilgrims have almost come to the end…
Over the weekend they celebrated with 1.5 million pilgrims from all over the world. They started back out at the Monastery where they celebrated mass. After that they left the monastery yesterday and made the treck to their next stop on their Pilgrimage in Krakow.

To avoid heat stroke, a common worry with pilgrimages, they bus was readied with – lots of water!! The pilgrims began to fill in and sit down on the bus as they prepared for the ride.

Once they were all settled in, they made their way to Krakow and upon exiting the bus began their walk. Bringing extra bottles of water, and waving flags high up above them, our pilgrims continued until they were welcomed. It’s never a bad time to take pictures, either. “It’s an experience of multiculturalism that you cannot experience any other way but first hand,” Fr. Jim Lowe describes on the Wayne Newman facebook page.

For all the Pilgrims, it’s true that definitely our church is a “one-world”, and “universal” church. It was a hot day, and most of the Pilgrims sipped down their water quickly, so a water station was a very welcomed site once they came to it. With the sun beating down on them, many of them got creative once they got to their spot, some pilgrims started playing American football, and others made friends.

Meal time came and the volunteers for the pilgrimage started passing out meal rations; unfortunately for 1.5 million young pilgrims, and unfortunately came up a little short.
Night fell, and after not too long, the praise and worship and sunlight vigil started.

The next day came and the reality that soon they will be heading home
started to sink in for our pilgrims. (Pictures courtesy of Hannah Struppa, Alexa Marouf, and Wayne Newman)13731017_10210123798275181_9022332006370170131_o

But for now, onward to Budapest!!  (Pictures below courtesy of Joyce Loera and Juan Loera, and others!)

Stay with us as we follow our Pilgrims through Budapest!
Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for our Pilgrims as their journey
comes to a close!

God bless!


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