Budapest, Hungary and Back Home!

Well, our Pilgrims on August 2nd and 3rd spent their last days in Budapest! They are – or will be back in the US today with the stories of their pilgrimage and the people they have met and the things they saw – spirit-filled and commissioned to move forward in the Holy Spirit!  They hopped on a boat and took it down the river to Buddapest. (Pictures provided by Juan Pablo Orozco, Alexa Marouf, Juan Loera & Joyce Loera.)


They landed and went exploring one of the stops was St. Stephen’s Basilica, a huge church that was dedicated to St. Stephen, , the first King of Hungary, whose supposed right hand is housed in the reliquary. (Pictures courtesy of Ruben Campbell, Juan Loera, Joyce Loera, Alexa Marouf, and Juan Pablo Orozco)

They also went to San Galbert where they were able to get a great view of Budapest and the beauty of the Danube River (Pictured courtesy of Ruben Campbell, Hannah Struppa, Alexa Marouf, and Juan Pablo Orozo).

They made their way to the Castle of San Esteban and the chapel of San Matias. In Budapest, Hungary. (The Castle of San Esteban and the chapel of San Matias. In Budapest, Hungary. (Pictures courtesy of Ruben Campbell). Of course there was plenty of down time as well though and our pilgrims took advantage of it to do some exploring.

There was a lot to see and a lot of new faces and new friends!
You won’t see an unhappy traveler in this group, though!
(Pictures courtesy of Alexa Marouf, Hannah Struppa, Juan Pablo Orozco,
Ruben Campbell, Juan Loera, and Joyce Loera!)

That being said I’m sure we’ll hear testimonies from our pilgrims when they get back!
Our pilgrims are on their way home, if they haven’t already gotten back by the time you’re reading this. But please continue to pray for their safe travels back to Toronto, Detroit, and Texas!

God bless!


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