“I have a mother in heaven”

“As I only recently became Catholic about two and a half years ago, I did not grow up with any specific teaching on Mary. I knew she was the mother of Jesus but that was about all.

After having my conversion, I spent time learning Marian theology, hanging around friends who had strong devotions to Our Lady, consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary, and praying rosaries daily. I quickly gained a lot of knowledge of who Mary is and how the church actually perceives her. But I was missing the peace I knew Jesus wanted me to have when it came to His mother. I couldn’t understand why Jesus would want me to know her when I was trying to get to know Him.

While at Our Lady of Czestochowa, I had a new experience. I would pray in front of the Black Madonna image struggling to trust the church’s teachings. I would continue to pray through this struggle knowing I had to trust.

For seconds, just seconds, I experienced an abandonment
. Seconds where I wouldn’t question but just receive.

In this little bit of time that I was opening up, the Lord was able to pour out His graces. There was one specific moment, I said to The Lord: “Jesus, make me ready to receive whatever it is you have for me on this pilgrimage” in my minds eye, I saw something clearly. I was being carried to Jesus by the Blessed Mother.

Mary was transparent and Jesus was right in front of me. My whole body was facing Him and eventually I collided with Him embracing Him in a full body hug! I felt the Lord speak to my heart “you will be ready when you trust yourself into my mothers arms”.

At the moment I felt that I finally received her as my own mother. One who would direct me to the Will of God the same way she did at the Wedding at Cana. This acceptance of why I should allow Mary to bring me to Jesus. An acceptance that is not only in my head now, but in my heart.

Jesus loves perfectly and he loves His mother so why should we not also?
She is my mother giving to me by Jesus in order to come closer to Jesus.”

-Hannah (pictures and story) – Wright  State University student,
Wright State University is located in Dayton, Ohio


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