“Surrendering to God’s Will”



” One experience that lead me to the divine mercy of Jesus during our
WYD pilgrimage was being able to share my faith with others while being there.


To be honest, throughout the trip i experienced much tiredness which came along with a different routine everyday. I came to the realization that the Lord wanted to use this opportunity to show me that he was with me in all the tiredness and that he wanted me to get out of myself by sharing love and mercy with others.


Our journey throughout the pilgrimage consisted of daily adoration, worship, rosary, divine mercy chaplet, and the celebration of Mass. I was certainly being filled and nourished to go out and share the Good News with others. After wrestling with my own agenda and plans, I finally surrendered to the Lord and asked God to stir up the holy spirit within me to share the “Ultimate Relationship” booklet and my own testimony of conversion with some young adults who were attending one of the many Youth Festivals in Krakow.

The Lord certainly did all of the work as he started sending people my way and I was able to share my faith and even pray with people who had never been prayed with for the first time! One guy who i spoke with was a polish resident who came to check out what all the WYD talk was about at the Youth Festival and told me he had never had a personal encounter with Christ, but that he wanted to and was willing to take the steps necessary to do so in order that his faith become more alive.

We were able to pray together and much joy came out of it. Though English was not his first language, the Lord gave me the grace to communicate God’s personal love for him and i can be assured that Jesus touched him in a special way that day.

This whole experience was a reminder that i could offer my little sufferings for those who have never heard the basic Gospel message and take the example of Jesus who came to serve and not to be served. In it, I was able to recognize that the Lord is able to transform my misery into a channel of grace! Amen!”

– Miguel, Companions of the Cross Seminarian


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